Letters to the Editor

Playhouse shame

The Miami Historic Preservation Board acted as rubber stampers and did nothing to preserve the Coconut Grove Playhouse; they did, however, do everything to preserve their jobs, perhaps? They voted to demolish it and allow developers to rape it.

They did nothing to preserve the most historic cultural treasure we have. This board doesn’t care about preserving historic buildings. They just voted to allow the county to undermine the vote of the people, which was to save the building.

What was supposed to be a public forum this week turned out to be a long presentation by Arquitectonica — they spoke for more than two hours. By the time Arquitectonica finished their talk, many of our supporters left — intentional? Supporters were just given a few minutes to speak. This has happened before. There is no “public input” allowed in these rigged meetings. Shameful!

Eliana R. Dominguez,