Letters to the Editor

Housing crisis

I thank reporter Mary Ellen Klas for her April 2 article “$1.3B for low-cost housing diverted to other projects,” on the affordable housing crisis in Miami- Dade and Florida. She puts a spotlight on the failure of state and local governments to deal with this pressing issue affecting so many.

With more than one million households paying more than 50 percent of their income on housing, there is no question there is a crisis. Government money will not solve this problem, as demonstrated by the failure of the Community Reinvestment Act agencies; the failure of the Sadowski Funds from the tax on real estate sales; the failure of Representative Carlos Trujillo to have budgeted the Sadowski funds for the purpose it was intended; and the failure of Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez to fund the $10 million request for the Miami-Dade Affordable Housing Trust Fund.

The citizens of Florida need a plan and multi-faceted solutions. We expect and demand that our elected officials make this a priority.

Larry E. Silvester,

Coral Gables