Letters to the Editor

Troubled Party

I was horrified when I read Patrick Buchanan’s column in the April 4th Herald about Vladimir Putin being the world’s “preeminent statesman,” as he so eloquently puts it. Besides being totally wrong on his seemingly positive assessment of this goon, he gives Putin credibility and admiration in the article. He also intimates that Putin is on the right track to “make Russia great again,” no pun intended.

I clearly recall President Trump saying a few weeks ago that we are not any better than Putin and we have done way too many things we should not be proud of. At the time, this statement to me was borderline treasonous, and now Pat Buchanan is a sounding board for this sentiment.

He also mentions that “In December, one poll found 37 percent of all Republicans” viewed Putin favorably while “only 17 percent” of the same group were positive on President Obama.

I choose to believe that this is not a true reflection of the Republican Party, but if it is, that in itself tells you all you want to know about today’s Republican Party.

Our future with a Republican leadership is not only bleak but very troubling.

Herman L. Irizarry,

West Kendall