Letters to the Editor

Saving the children

Youth violence is a reality that no community can afford to ignore. As school administrators, we have seen firsthand the inconsolable sorrow of a parent and the devastation and carnage that escalating aggressive behaviors among youth can create. While there are many neighborhood groups and organizations doing exceptional work to provide a safety net for at-risk youth, it will take the collective efforts of the entire community working together to redirect the trajectory of juvenile violence.

This is exactly the impetus behind the Together for Children (TFC) initiative — a coalition made up of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, Miami-Dade County, The Children’s Trust, and other governmental and community agencies, leveraging resources and experience to prevent youth violence.

Every day we look into the faces of children who simply want an opportunity to learn without fear of being recruited into a gang, assaulted on the way to school, or gunned down in front of their home. They want to be neither victim nor perpetrator

Together for Children has laid the foundation to identify children in our schools that are most at risk and provide them and their families with the type of wraparound services that potentially can change the direction of their lives. The work of TFC is not only groundbreaking — in our estimation, it is life-saving.

Wallace Aristide, principal, Miami Northwestern

Senior High

William Aristide, principal, Booker T. Washington

Senior High