Letters to the Editor

Bribery down, but...

I was very pleased to hear that a recent study reported that bribery of government employees in Miami Beach has declined. As reported in the March 30 Miami Herald article, “Bribery attempts drop, but still they happen,” it appears that the training programs and related efforts of the Miami-Dade County Ethics Commission are beginning to pay off — excuse the pun!

But my concern is with the significant number of employees reporting that the incidents of bribery have occurred and still occur, yet apparently most are not being reported to the proper authorities. Don’t these employees understand the consequences of not reporting a bribe, or the attempts of a bribe?

In some cases, it’s a crime not to report it. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do. Public corruption is a cancer on our society. All of us should stand up against it.

Michael Kesti,

Palmetto Bay