Letters to the Editor

Gables mayoral race

I was simply stunned to read that the Miami Herald had endorsed Raúl Valdés-Fauli for mayor of Coral Gables. I moved here in 2000 amid a rather rancorous and arrogant effort to close Biltmore Way and build a new office building that would have dwarfed and visually damaged our beautiful City Hall and its setting.

Mr. Valdés-Fauli, and the-then city manager, quickly moved forward with the plan before the electorate threw him, and eventually the city manager, out.

Jeannett Slesnick has worked endlessly for our community and she listens to people. She has newsletters and outreach meetings — frankly, listening is a huge asset in community government. She is open minded and speaks with clarity on concerns regarding the master plan.

Lately, the election has become rather vindictive on the part of Mr. Valdés-Fauli and his endless parade of supporters — all arrogantly standing in their suits and ties praising his brilliant financial record and urge for development.

I urge my fellow citizens to think long and hard before committing to another day and time when developers are closing Biltmore Way to make room for a new building.

Mary Ann Degan,

Coral Gables