Letters to the Editor

Privacy issues

In the March 29 Miami Herald article “Congress cancels FCC’s landmark Internet privacy protections,” I read that Congress will be “letting Internet providers collect and sell their customers’ web-browsing history, location information, health data, and other personal details.” I find this frightening and intrusive.

On the same page, I read another article advising that the effort to have President Trump release his tax returns has again been blocked by House Republicans. A quote from Rep. Kevin Brady, the Republican chairman of the committee, in defense of the rationale to keep these returns from public review stated, “Civil liberties and privacy are still rights worth protecting, and I intend to protect them all.”

I guess he overlooked the privacy that has been compromised with the Internet vote. The data that these providers can access and sell are incredibly invasive and far more worthy of protection for all American citizens than the tax returns of our President.

Prior to this administration, tax returns were made available by former Presidents. All of this subterfuge leads to the larger question as to what President Trump is trying to hide. I certainly would like an answer to this.

Sheila Gewirtzman,