Letters to the Editor

Education funding

Re the March 22 article by Mary Ellen Klas, “State House pushes ahead with rival bill that aims to freeze gambling”: The House bill would authorize Gov. Rick Scott to agree to a 20-year monopoly with the Seminole tribe in exchange for an increase in revenue to be marked for three specific education programs.

I agree our education programs need additional revenue; however, the Florida Lottery was presented as a solution to educational budget problems, and it was a failure. No one understood the loophole that allowed the revenue to replace original funds that were slated for education and depriving our education system of the funding needed.

If House Bill 7037 is approved, there is no guarantee that the money will be used for the budget already in place or that the funds will be used to retain and recruit teachers, help children in failing schools or enhance higher education; especially since 40 percent of these funds have been designated for charter schools.

Public school systems need workable budgets. Remember these children are tomorrow’s leaders and they deserve an education.

Sharon Leach, Pompano Beach