Letters to the Editor

Charter funding

Re the March 24 editorial, “Public, charter schools should not be totally equal when it comes to state funding:” Perhaps if Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) is forced to share construction dollars with charter schools, it would spur the district to be a good steward of our tax money and stop mismanagement and pilferage.

MDCPS has a $4 billion annual operating budget and not enough to show for it. For that price tag, all of Miami-Dade’s schools should be upgraded and squeaky clean. Not long ago, the taxpayers approved extra funding for makeovers of old school buildings, but not enough has been done. It is quite appalling to have to work in many of these schools; many are falling apart. I know first-hand because I worked at MDCPS for several years.

O.R. Morales, Miami