Letters to the Editor

Child’s play

In response to the March 24 article by Herald reporter Kristen Clark, “School recess bill still alive in Florida House … but changes coming”: I do not agree that there should be an amendment to the proposed bill HB 67, which would allow recess and physical education to be combined.

Recess is an important part of a child’s development. Recess stimulates children’s brains and allows them to focus in the classroom.

Imagine working eight hours nonstop without a break? How would you feel?

I believe that PE should be structured. It teaches students the importance of fitness and health. It is more than playing, which is what this amendment is implying. By combining the two, we run the risk of losing qualified PE teachers, creating job loss. Let’s pass the original bill, which calls for 20 minutes of free play each day. Our children need this.

Shakira Francis,

Miami Lakes