Letters to the Editor

Nurse practitioners

There is concern about the cost, coverage, and quality of healthcare for Americans.

Focusing on federal legislation is only one way to improve healthcare for Floridians.

The Florida Legislature has the opportunity to affect healthcare for Floridians in ways that can’t be done at the federal level.

Florida finally overcame its status as the only state that didn’t allow nurse practitioners (NPs) to prescribe controlled substances to patients in the 2016 session.

This change has allowed NPs to offer more cost-effective and higher-quality care.

In this year’s legislative session, there is another chance to improve access to quality care by allowing NPs to do what many other states already allow.

NPs have 25 years of research to support their quality and cost-effectiveness.

Contact state legislators and tell them to support the bills granting Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners full practice authority.

Thomas Schlepko,