Letters to the Editor

The battle for the Grove Playhouse

Re Andres Viglucci’s March 11 article, Battle over Grove Playhouse will play out Thursday.

As a retired upper-level city of Miami employee, I have given a considerable amount of thought to the plans regarding the CGP project. Having read Viglucci’s article I am in complete agreement with his opening statement: “God save the Coconut Grove Playhouse.”

I also largely agree with Miami-Dade Commissioner Xavier Suarez’s position and believe that, regrettably, it’s best that we delay any further decision regarding implementing the current proposal for renovating the playhouse.

First, the commissioner is astute with regard to his position that we need to develop a much larger theater at the existing venue; however, I also believe, depending on architectural and construction factors, that the exterior facade should either be retained or, if necessary and the entire playhouse needs to be demolished and reconstructed and the long-time facade totally replicated.

Second, given the inevitable growth in south central Coconut Grove and its attraction for both locals and tourists, it is essential that there be a multi-level garage constructed on the existing property. This garage should also be designed to accommodate individual ticket holders for playhouse events.

Perhaps a separate entrance for those who purchased parking tickets in conjunction with the purchase of their playhouse event tickets.

Third, I, too, am a septuagenarian and long-time admirer of Joe Adler. I think he should be strongly valued and involved in all CGP matters as he believes appropriate.

Fourth, but no less important, funding is critical to the ultimate success of any decision regarding the future development of the playhouse.

I mean no disrespect to Kevin Spacey or Mike Eidson, but the overarching issue, whatever the ultimate decision about the playhouse, is its funding. We need commitments, not promises.

Jon B. Lindeman, Sr., Miami