Letters to the Editor

Cruise contracts

For cruise lines, the well-being of passengers and crew always comes first. The 2013 Cruise Passenger Bill of Rights is just one of the ways the industry has publicly and transparently shared that commitment.

Unfortunately, agenda-driven opinion columns like the recent one by Carol Finklehoffe and Robert Peltz, Watch out for the fine print, unfairly perpetuates misperceptions about the cruise industry.

Cruise-line contracts are based on the same clauses one would expect to see with a cell phone contract or the terms and conditions for an airline ticket or hotel room. To single out cruise industry contracts as onerous is misleading and disingenuous.

Cruise lines are leaders in the travel industry when it comes to providing transparency and informing guests of their rights to safety, comfort and care.

Michael McGarry, VP, Public Relations,

Cruise Lines International Assn., Washington, D.C.