Letters to the Editor

Miami grows up

While it is lamentable that some local folks have difficulty with housing, the Herald’s March 23 online article “Miami real estate is so expensive that locals are moving out,” is a clear indication that Miami has reached “global city” status. A community — once known as “Miamah” — that only 40 years ago was a retiree haven is now a thriving global metropolis that most foreigners see as a desirable place.

Returning from a cruise with many Europeans, whenever we mentioned that we were from Miami, the comments were always positive, if not envious.

Congratulations, Miami! Just like San Francisco, New York, London and Madrid, Miami draws people from around the world to come to visit — but few plan to retire here.

We have a much more stable base of commerce and related jobs than when we were a sleepy winter resort, having found our purpose as America’s hemispheric trade center.

Juan A. Galan, Jr.,

Coral Gables