Letters to the Editor

Hillary’s lapse

While Hillary Clinton claims she broke no rules by confusing her private with official State Department emails, she did break the vital chain of evidence required to prove possible misdeeds under the U.S. legal system.

She admits to destroying what she (as her own advocate) personally considered to be numerous private messages, ostensibly leaving business related governmental emails preserved. It makes valid investigation based upon important email evidence almost impossible; could she have mistakenly or intentionally destroyed such evidence?

Either she kept these emails in one personal account for convenience, as she has claimed, or it was an act of intentional obfuscation to avoid responsibility in case of misdeeds. In either instance it represents, at very best, a lack of common sense by an important high government official, an attorney who should know better.

It is an example of official shuffling of the deck that does not engender confidence in leadership abilities of any experienced high government official.

Stanley L. Spielman, Miami