Letters to the Editor

Oil spill’s effects

In Jenny Staletovich’s April 12, 2016 article “Hundreds of baby dolphin deaths tied to BP’s Gulf oil spill,” the long lasting effects of oil spills and the need for ocean sustainability are brought to public attention.

The impact oil spills have on the ocean’s ecosystem is generally known, but the extent in which it harms marine life may not be common knowledge. Every year, hundreds of high order predators such as dolphins and whales fall ill or die as a result of oil spills. Lower trophic level organisms also are harmed, which devastates the food chain.

Oil spills result in organisms carrying toxins up the food chain, which hurts the population of various animals. An alarming consequence of the spread of toxicity is the harm that has been brought to the reproduction of these animals, which is detrimental to ocean biodiversity.

The nature in which the article touches on oil spills, validates that there is a prominent issue concerning oceanic global trade that should be addressed trans-nationally. The article does a wonderful job in educating the public on this stress on the marine environment and bringing it to the attention of many.

Sierra Navarrete,

Austin, TX