Letters to the Editor

Banning devices?

After the controversial travel ban was struck down by the courts, we hear about another injunction which calls for banning electronic devices on flights from Muslim-majority countries. As a member of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, and raised with the teachings of love and loyalty to my country, I will be the first to obey this order if it means this ban will make us safer.

However, my concern is, why aren’t electronic devices banned on all flights, as terrorist activities can happen anywhere on any flight as we have seen in the past?

Banning devices on flights from specific countries may not help and may sour our relationship with those countries forever. I wholeheartedly believe in showing loyalty to my country in everything good, but I can’t support discrimination of any group of people.

I pray that as a nation, we take steps that bring people together, not pull us apart. I hope and pray for a brighter future for my country.

Mansoora Choudhry,

Royal Palm Beach