Letters to the Editor

Legislative coverage

Miami Herald Tallahassee reporter Mary Ellen Klas did a public service in her Jan. 17 article “Special interests flood Florida legislative campaigns with $28 million in six months,” where she shows how hard it is to track the enormous donations that corporations make every year to the Florida politicians who make policy in the state Legislature.

I work for a nonprofit environmental law firm that represents citizens in the causes of clean air and water, and we are painfully aware of how the playing field is unfairly tipped toward big-monied polluters and against ordinary people.

We know that special interests are trying to get the Legislature to pass laws that will favor these businesses, and large political contributions are their way of making that happen. The least we can do is try and follow the dollar, and fight in court to protect our natural resources. Thanks to Mary Ellen Klas for trying to pull back the curtain a bit.

Tania Galloni, managing attorney, Earthjustice

Florida Office