Letters to the Editor

Trump’s problems

Sorry to disagree, but a March 21 letter to the editor — “Trump, Almagro strong leaders” — associating President Trump with OAS Secretary Luis Almagro, is way off.

I agree with the evaluation that Secretary Almagro speaks for human rights and freedom, but President Trump is not a champion of human rights nor freedom. How could he when he so admires and is continuously praising Vladimir Putin, a KGB thug who kills or jails the political adversaries and reporters that dare to confront him.

As to the suggestion that Trump is not really a liar — that he doesn’t use the proper words at times because he is not a politician — I emphatically disagree. Mr. Trump has been in the political arena for a decade. The capacity to communicate effectively and properly is essential for the role of a president. It is time Mr. Trump learns that, and stops embarrassing us!

Maria E. Laurencio,

Coral Gables