Letters to the Editor

Dolphins misled season ticket holders

During many conversations with my Miami Dolphins ticket representative over the past several months, I was constantly reassured that it would “not be a problem” acquiring seats in Sections 144 or 148. Foolishly, I took her word for it.

Before I was able make my ticket selections at noon on Feb. 25, Day 3 of selection, 3,000 of the most desirable seats had been sold in Sections 143, 144, 148, 149 and 118. For the life of me, there is no way you can explain how 200 to 300 accounts translated into that many seats being purchased. That would have meant every account acquiring an average of 10 to 15 seats. I think that would be impossible.

How in the world can season ticket holders ever trust the Dolphins organization again? I guess having six tickets for almost half a century and remaining loyal through some difficult years means nothing.

I’m extremely disappointed and upset over how the entire ticket redistribution process was handled. Season ticket holders were purposely misled in order to sell as many tickets as possible without regard to their most valued customers — their original season ticket holders.

Dan Muchnick, Cooper City