Letters to the Editor

Travel ban hurts

I am an American neurologist and a council member of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM).

Each year, OHBM hosts a four-day international conference of roughly 3,000 neuroscientists from more than 45 countries. The conference venue alternates each year between North America and Europe or Asia. OHBM 2020 is slated to be held in North America.

Four captivating American cities, including Miami, were in contention with Montreal and Cancun.

The council met to pick the finalists just after President Trump’s travel ban was enacted. Given our international membership, the council was in unanimous agreement that the four American cities could not be considered for 2020.

Our annual conference brings upwards of $2 million to the host city. Putting the (substantial) moral and constitutional objections of Trump’s travel ban aside, this ill-conceived executive order is already hurting American businesses.

We hope that this letter will spur readers to raise this issue with their local representatives and the Trump administration.

Michael Greicius,

Department of Neurology,

Stanford University