Letters to the Editor

FPL reactor

The views expressed in the March 1 letter “FPL reactor” are the type of antique thinking that must change if we are to ever solve our climate crisis.

It is shameful for Paul William Leach to threaten that FPL will revert to using fossil fuels if not allowed to build new reactors.

And to suggest FPL is safe, with overheated cooling canals, storm surge exposure, tritium leaking into Biscayne Bay and plans to dump waste into the ground, is ridiculous.

Despite FPL’s advertisements featuring solar power, the utility produces less than 1 percent of its energy from the sun after 92 years in business.

The good news is that experts predict 50 percent of Florida’s power needs can be generated by solar by 2045 if we get serious about this abundant, low cost, clean energy.

Today’s youth are committed to turning the Sunshine State into the “Solar State,” not living in the past as the writer suggested.

Delaney Reynolds,