Letters to the Editor

Sharing economy

I write as a Miamian and part-time Airbnb host. I think those two identities are intertwined. My Miami roots and passion for my city make me a good, responsible Airbnb host.

Hosting the extra bedroom in my home allows me to serve as an ambassador for my community in the Design District. My husband and I guide our guests toward local neighborhood restaurants and small businesses.

It’s good for everyone involved. I’ve met people from throughout the world, and have yet to have a bad experience. More important, I value quality of life above all else. I would never allow a party. I respect my neighbors, as do my guests.

It’s for these reasons that I’m so disappointed in Mayor Tomas Regalado’s recent attempt to introduce an onerous, expensive and time-consuming host registration process.

We are not professional operators. We are regular Miamians using our home to make extra income, which we use to pay our mortgage.

The sharing economy is here to stay, and Miami is benefiting. As the city considers short-term rental legislation, I hope the mayor will join us in the 21st century and pursue a sensible approach.

Grazia Maria Lezza,