Letters to the Editor

Women at risk

The National Institute for Reproductive Health’s 2016 study says more than 70 percent of Americans agree women choosing abortion should have supportive, affordable, readily available and pressure-free environments.

You wouldn’t know it from recent actions by state political leaders, including Gov. Scott. Florida women and physicians are being subjected to a new wave of laws imposing onerous, medically unnecessary and, in some cases, illegal requirements.

HB 19 puts doctors at risk of lawsuits for a woman’s emotional distress up to 10 years after an abortion. HB 103 requires doctors to file electronic certification of “non-viable birth” making the parents’ names, and infant’s name and gender public record, in violation of HIPAA. HB 203 establishes fetal viability parameters, which is contrary to federal law.

With all else that needs fixing, Floridians should contact their elected representatives to voice opposition to these bills.

Linda Bloomfield,