Letters to the Editor

Anti-Semitism grows

Author Elie Wiesel is crying in his grave. “Never again” has become “Once again.” Anti-Semitic acts are happening in numbers we haven’t seen in 60 years. President Trump has courted the alt-right from the beginning, and his reluctance to answer specific questions about the proliferation of anti-Semitic incidents is a disgrace.

Hiding behind his converted daughter and Orthodox son-in-law is shameful. Where is their outrage? A measly tweet from Ivanka Trump is pathetic. Then we have his best buddy and alt-right strategist, Steve Bannon, in the White House.

Where is the outrage from all religious leaders and their constituents? The silence of Congress, both Democrats — and especially from Republicans — is deafening and disgraceful.

Other than political action and Jewish defense agencies demanding action, when is the world standing up to say, “We are all Jews?” Silence is a decision, and inaction is an action. We are on the precipice of forgetting history and of losing our humanity if this is not addressed with force and conviction now.

Gail Silverman, Miami Beach