Letters to the Editor

Scary Trump

People are gushing because President Trump finally delivered a normal, well-written — although not by him — speech. But, putting aside that he did not self-destruct, what he said should raise alarms.

He and his GOP stalwarts plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Likely result: chaos and instability injected into the healthcare industry and economy.

He plans to cut corporate taxes because our poor global corporations are at a disadvantage, despite the stock market reaching record highs. Likely result: Corporate profits and wealth-disparity will grow, but not wages.

He wants to cut foreign aid and increase military spending,so that we will win the next war.

Likely result: the inevitable next war.

He wants to exclude those (Muslims) entering the United States from places that make vetting impossible.

Result: Recruiting poster for ISIS and more home-grown terrorists.

He wants to restructure Medicaid as lump-sum grants to states.

Likely result: Fewer services to the poor, disabled and elderly.

He promises to help the middle class. Truth: Promised jobs will be lost to robots, not immigrants, and the middle class will continue to disappear.

We will be left with two classes: the very rich and the very poor.

Robert S. Steinberg,

Palmetto Bay