Letters to the Editor

FPL reactor

It is with regret that I hear that the Florida Supreme Court refused to allow FPL to add two nuclear reactors to their existing plant.

I consider it one of my signature achievements as director of pollution control for Miami-Dade County that I approved the existing plant with its reactors. During the past 50 years, the plant produced no air pollution, water pollution or nuclear accidents.

Now with the court’s decision, the only way to produce electricity will be by fossil fuels, which only increases the pollution emitted into the air, and if you believed President Obama and his administration, it will seriously add to the problem of global warming.

While I do not subscribe to this fear, those who do should have supported the addition of the reactors.

FPL has proven over 50 years that it is a careful steward of our environment and should be allowed to continue producing electricity in the most efficient and clean method.

I view this decision as an attack on the finest legacy I was able to give to Metropolitan Dade County in my tenure as director.

Paul William Leach,

San Mateo