Letters to the Editor

Without Medicaid 

A Republican replacement bill for Obamacare will protect patients with preexisting conditions and for those on their parents plan until they are 26, as most voters wouldn’t stand for less.

However, the millions who are eligible for Medicaid (the poorest of all) will be thrown under the bus by shifting the responsibility of healthcare to the states via insufficiently funded federal block Medicaid grants.

People with poverty-level income or no income at all because of disabilities are less likely to be voters. They are too overwhelmed by life to have the time, energy and motivation to vote. The poorest, most needy and sick, therefore, will be the forgotten people and the big losers in a Republican bill that repeals Obamacare.

Having access to care for all, as the Republican plan touts, does not mean healthcare for all as Bernie Sanders has said. The poorest and those who care about them must become an angry, vocal, voting bloc in the 2018 and 2020 congressional and presidential elections.

Arthur Pitchenik, M.D., Miami