Letters to the Editor

Saving the reefs

On Feb. 22, we at Broward Sierra Excom, together with many other environmentalists, attended a meeting hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Port Everglades. The meeting’s purpose was to get public input regarding deepening the port channels to promote future shipping increases into the port.

Though we applaud the Corps for giving us the opportunity to have our voices heard, one wonders what the ultimate results will be, given the appalling experience at PortMiami.

In hindsight, we’re still baffled how the Corps could have used, since confirmed, totally outdated information for this project. They were being warned at that time by environmental organizations about lack of adequate research, and the now-obvious destruction of the reef.

It was only after several Herald articles that the Corps admitted that its specific dredging methods had caused the horrendous coral-reef destruction.

Unanimously, we demand that the Corps should use a neutral third party of cora- reef experts to investigate any the options to minimize dredging damage to Broward County’s coral reefs.

Let’s hope that this time our voices are heard. The sad dredging outcome at PortMiami should be a lesson learned.

Ina Oost Topper,

Broward chapter chair,

National Sierra Club,