Letters to the Editor

Ali Jr.’s mistreatment

So Customs and Border Protection said that it treats “all travelers with respect and sensitivity.” Is there really anyone who believes this?

U.S. government employees, following the instructions of the president, harassed the son of an American icon, simply because of his name and because it sounded Muslim. How shameful that this should have been done by people employed to serve us.

Whoever was responsible, their bosses and those responsible for giving the guidance that leads to this cynical bigotry should be fired. Is there any doubt that this is happening every day at every airport in the nation?

Government employees should resist wrongful instructions, should not be lured down the path of racism and bigotry and truly should treat all with respect. The day that happens, statements of this kind will be regarded by all as credible and praiseworthy instead of just a cover-up, which is what this was.

Michael Bax, Coral Gables