Letters to the Editor

White immigrants unscathed

It is remarkable and telling that not one person depicted in the print or electronic media, who has been detained or deported by ICE from California and the southwestern United States, has had a white rather than a brown face.

But as ICE knows, in other parts of our nation, in cities such as Philadelphia, New York, Boston and Chicago, tens of thousand of individuals who came here from EU nations on 90-day visa waivers have long outstayed those 90 days, in many cases for years.

Yet there are no reported instances of ICE raids, no round ups, no knocks on the door by ICE officers of those folks, who are as illegal as any Hispanic person who has crossed from Mexico into the United States.

I have no doubt the federal courts, as they did with the administration’s travel ban aimed at Muslim countries, will quickly find the Trump administration has again purported to prioritize disparate treatment of a less favored minority.

This time, it is in deporting the brown-skinned “illegal,” while leaving the Caucasian untouched — a blatant, discriminatory, racist flouting of our Constitution.

Harvey J. Kaufman, Miami