Letters to the Editor

Nuclear race

The day after President Trump called for a buildup of our nuclear arsenal so that we could be “the top of the pack,” I was disappointed with the Miami Herald headline, “Trump calls for return to nuclear arms race.”

Apparently, Trump is unaware that for decades the United States and Russia (formerly the USSR) have been negotiating down the number of these weapons on both sides in the mutual interest of preventing accidental nuclear war. He also seems to lack understanding that nuclear weapons are a deterrent, not a weapon to be used in war, because “going nuclear” is another name for national (and global) suicide. The apt analogy is two enemies standing up to their knees in gasoline, each holding matches. It doesn’t matter who strikes the first match.

The policy that has prevented nuclear war has been mutually assured destruction, or MAD. It’s mad to think that more nuclear weapons will make us safer. Just the opposite is true.

What does being “the top of the pack” mean? It could mean being on the top of a pile of radioactive rubble.

Steven Meyerson, Miami