Letters to the Editor

Don’t impose rules

I was already worried about House Bill 17 before reading Michael Auslen’s Feb. 23 article, “Should Florida override local business regulations? Some lawmakers think so.”

I knew that it could eliminate protections Miami-Dade has put in place for LGBTQ residents.

I knew it could forbid us from setting minimum wages that reflect our sky-high housing costs. I knew it could prohibit us from deciding we didn’t want to ruin our coastlines by continuing to use Styrofoam or filling our landfills with plastic bags that do not biodegrade.

Thanks to Auslen, I now know that I should be worried about this initiative for many, many more reasons, like wage-theft rules and environmental protections.

I do not want people living hundreds of miles away to be forbidding local governments from implementing appropriate rules that make sense in their towns.

I guess that it’s time for us to call any lawmaker that supports this bill and tell them No.

Eileen Higgins, vice president, Downtown Democrats, Miami