Letters to the Editor

Deportation quandary

Non-felon illegal immigrants in the United States suddenly are at immediate risk of deportation proceedings.

They are cowed by the recent massive mobilization of immigration authorities.

Why are they here? They are returned to what, exactly? From employment to unemployment? Is that the solution?

The guilt falls squarely on the dysfunctional governments of their native countries. These governments have failed their less fortunate, landless and unemployed citizens. Their traditional politics are based on enrichment at the expense of the working class and the more fortunate, seemingly for centuries. We have sent then billions of dollars — with no success — to fix their economies, but their corrupt governments suck up the funds.

The deportations result in a return of disfranchisement, poverty and hunger. Ultimately, it is an imbalance on both economies, America’s and theirs.

In America, substitute workers will be paid higher salaries, and that will increase inflationary pressures.

Our poor will suffer if our economy does not expand and jobs don’t grow.

Charles A. Santos-Buch,

Key Biscayne