Letters to the Editor

Pitts’ column

Leonard Pitts’ column on Feb. 22, “Fear led us to intern Japanese Americans. Next?” overwhelmed me more than any other column he has written. And it inspired me to seek additional information on the subject.

I recognized the name John McCloy from previous research. As assistant secretary of war during World War II, he made the decisive call against bombing Auschwitz rail lines to save Jews. He also was directly involved in the decision against negotiating peace with Japan that led to the atom bomb being dropped.

If this letter is too disheartening to read, than check out Ralph Lazo, a Mexican-Irish boy who was so outraged that his Japanese friends were being interned that he went with them. He was the sole non-Japanese person in the camps. A beacon, if you will, for a single person standing up for his fellow man. Our country is crying out for another Ralph Lazo.

Fredric Bernard,

Boca Raton