Letters to the Editor

Nelson’s AWOL, too

Florida’s Democratic Senator, Bill Nelson, must be missing. During his congressional recess from D.C. duties, a much-anticipated town hall meeting with South Floridians who elected him was not scheduled despite many requests and certainly despite our expectations.

I don’t think of myself as a “deplorable,” but certainly feel like Republicans who felt like the government was not listening or paying attention to them. Better communication is key. Nelson should explain clearly how he will implement the new and improved Affordable Care Act.

If we had a plan for a family member in December, will it be automatically carried over under Trump’s plan? Will we have to start from scratch? How will Nelson protect Floridians’ needs? Nelson needs to talk to us and explain what he will do during the upcoming months.

He can even answer through the Miami Herald. Not only will we read and then better understand; we’ll be watching his actions and we will persist!

Helen Currie Mennes,

Miami Shores