Letters to the Editor

Keys’ big art

More giant artwork is on its way south (“For free: Giant artwork. Must have lots of room,” Feb. 18, The Keynoter). Metal sculptures 15 feet to 18 feet high. Sound familiar?

Key West should take my advice as a Coral Gables resident: Don’t do it. You don’t know what you are getting into.

The Gables has one of those spectacularly monstrous sculptures sitting in a traffic circle. It is a passion flower blown up a million times its real size. And guess what? It doesn’t work.

They said the blossoms would mist, and at night the mist would be picked up by the light. Ha!

Sometimes there is a mist sighting that lasts a few seconds during the day. And it is dark at night. Maintenance? We have city trucks there all the time servicing who knows what.

But that sculpture doesn’t work. Don’t do it.

June Frost, Coral Gables