Letters to the Editor

Disarm them

Florida legislators in favor of letting law-abiding and mentally stable citizens carry guns into restaurants, nightclubs, sporting events, schools and university campuses are ignoring one key element of many shooting: Some of the law-abiding, mentally stable turn into murderers and mentally unstable people overnight.

How many shootings have we seen where the perpetrator had never been involved in a criminal act or been treated for mental illness? How many times have we heard after a mass murder, “Oh, we are so surprised. He was such a nice and quiet gentleman.”

Guns should only be in the hands of trained on-duty or off-duty law enforcement officers or security guards in public places. The fact that you abide by the law today does not mean that tomorrow when you get fired from a job, or have a domestic dispute, or get into a heated argument with a stranger — or even a friend — you won’t reach for your gun because it is there and you are not in the right frame of mind.

Over the past year we have seen road rage shootings directly related to the increase in concealed-weapon permits being granted.

While I support the Second Amendment, I cannot be in favor of an open carry law that allows thousands of citizens to carry weapons into the public places we go to enjoy with our families.

J. W. Cox,