Letters to the Editor

Zoning codes

Mark Minervino’s Feb. 19 letter, “Homeowner rights,” takes Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado to task for wanting to stop AirBnB-type rentals. He argues that a homeowner’s right to generate income legally is subordinated to the “whims of local government” and applies “nearly unquantifiable standards.” He calls upon citizens to “rise up about government intrusion.”

He should become familiar with the Miami 21 zoning code. The mayor’s stance is not a whim; it is the correct statement of the law. A homeowner in a residential zoning district has no legal right to generate income from short-term rentals of less than one month.

A few obvious reasons for prohibiting short-term rentals include an increased potential for crime resulting from numerous transients; lack of adequate on-site parking; increased solid waste; and homeowner liability for events not covered by insurance. Living in a community implies certain reasonable regulations, and these rentals threaten privacy and safety, which are also rights of homeownership.

Carolyn Simmons de Zayas,

Coconut Grove