Letters to the Editor

Could the U.S. become Cuba?

Last year, in the midst of the primary elections, I got into a social-media argument because I expressed support for Bernie Sanders’ universal healthcare proposal. An old friend felt it was necessary for him to “educate” me. He said that if Sanders were to be elected president, “We all were going to end up in a Communist dictatorship like Cuba,” the country I fled years ago.

I found the comment ignorant considering that he has never been in Cuba and has no concept of the differences between social democracies and autocratic governments like Communist Cuba.

One of the first things Fidel Castro did when he took control of Cuba was instill fear in the people and create as many enemies of the revolution as he possibly could. Does that sound familiar?

For President Trump, we live in the most dangerous of times, despite all the evidence to the contrary. For Castro, Americans were the enemy, and Cubans were victims of “el imperialismo yankee.”

For Trump, everyone is our enemy and wants to take advantage of the United States: China, Mexicans, Islam, NATO, globalization, free trade, etc. Castro targeted any Cubans who sympathized with American ideals: the independent press, intellectuals and freethinkers or anyone who had the audacity to question Castro’s revolution.

Similarly, the Trump administration is targeting the media and attacking anyone who disagrees with the president. The administration has many fights, but the one against the media and free press is probably the one that we should watch carefully.

I always thought the United States could never experience what I experienced in Cuba, but then, why not? Everywhere there are millions who are controlled and manipulated by autocratic dictators; Americans are no different.

The master plan just had to be tweaked for the American reality, and President Trump has done it perfectly.

Javier Duran,