Letters to the Editor

Charitable idea

Avi Lichter’s Feb. 15 letter, “Two tales,” got me thinking. According to Major League Baseball sources, the average attendance at each of the Miami Marlin’s 80 home games in 2016 was 21,828. The average ticket price paid was $28.31 (www.statista.com).

Imagine the benefit to society if each of the 1,713,417 attendees at the Marlins home games in 2016 went to one fewer game and donated the ticket cost to Camillus House or another worthy local charity.

Perhaps a local sports bar would consider a campaign that gives a benefit — say, free food or drink — to any customer who watches a game on its TV and then makes a donation to a local charitable organization in the amount of the ticket price to that game.

Sheppard Faber,