Letters to the Editor

Demand common sense gun laws from Florida legislators

As Florida and the nation grapple with the horror of mass shootings, the one thread that has remained unbroken between the NRA and gun-safety advocates has been the agreement that guns have no place in the hands of mentally ill people.

How often have NRA-funded politicians responded to a gun massacre with, “Guns aren’t the problem, it’s mental illness!” Those of us closest to the tragedies know it is both.

The members of the Republican-led Florida House really outdid themselves recently when they voted to stop restricting gun sales to those who are severely mentally ill. They conveniently forgot their old “mental illness, not guns” mantra in their race to win who can overturn common-sense gun laws fastest.

If that action isn’t frightening enough, Sen. Greg Steube, R-Sarasota, and Rep. Scott Plakon, R-Longwood, are pushing new laws to allow guns in elementary and secondary schools, airports, college and university campuses, school or professional sporting events, and all public meetings.

Because these politicians can’t remember their mental-illness excuse for mass shootings, why don’t they ask the victims? Ask the victims of the recent Fort Lauderdale airport massacre. The gunman was formally evaluated over the course of four days after telling the FBI that the federal government was controlling his mind.

How can we stop our safety from being eroded by the politicians with pockets filled by the NRA?

First, contact Steube and Plakon now, frequently and loudly, demanding they not take away common-sense gun laws. Then call your own legislators. Second, when a politician is given an ‘A’ rating from the NRA, give that politician an ‘F’ and vote them out of office.

Molly Dempsey Domin,

Melbourne Beach