Letters to the Editor

‘No-snitch’ bill

Re the Feb 9 story “Proposal would protect witnesses to murder,” about House Bill 111, sponsored by Florida Rep. Cynthia Stafford: I support the intent of Stafford’s proposal to stop the “no-snitch” dynamic in murder cases.

The deplorable murders in Miami, Chicago and other cities only get worse when witnesses to these heinous crimes are intimidated by gangs and other violent criminals. These witnesses understandably are afraid to testify for fear of retribution.

The Sixth Amendment provides for confrontation, depositions and cross-examinations in person in most cases. We need to protect witnesses to violent crimes, and Stafford’s bill may very well be the answer we need.

The law-abiding citizens, and specifically in Florida, who would otherwise testify against the criminals have to be protected from reprisals by these thugs.

Robert E. Pickard, Miami