Letters to the Editor

Politicizing the Bar

It was disappointing and disillusioning to read the comments of Linda Klein, president of the American Bar Association, (“ABA will protect the rule of law,” Feb. 9). Though she endeavored to put forth the non-political face of the ABA, she found reason to criticize President Trump for his conservative values in seeking to secure the country’s borders and his “sweeping bans” based upon religion and national origin.

This is from someone who supposedly is acquainted with the Constitution and the president’s obligation and authority to protect the nation as he sees fit. It is not judges who protect citizens, it is the president.

Klein speaks of the ABA’s commitment to the “rule of law” and the need for an “impartial judiciary.”

Again, with her eye on the president, she castigates anyone for “personal attacks on judges.”

Is Klein aware of the violation of ethical standards by former Attorney General Loretta Lynch in meeting with former President Bill Clinton when she was in charge of the investigation into the alleged criminal misdeeds of his wife? Did the ABA reprimand Lynch for ignoring the rule of law?

How about Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who tried to shoot down Donald Trump when he was a candidate?

She called him a “faker” and threatened to move to New Zealand if he was elected. Ginsberg backed off of that threat, but apparently intends to rule on the travel ban if it reaches the high court.

I am a lawyer and believe that the ABA ought to do more than make glowing comments about the fairness and independence of the legal profession.

The ABA should practice what it preaches and should reprimand lawyers, particularly prominent ones, when their behavior is out of line and contrary to the so-called rule of law.

William J. Juneau, Parkland