Letters to the Editor

Ignoring homeless

Disappointing to see the Miami-Dade Homeless Trust turn its back on the homeless population, the very population that the Trust was created to care for and serve

In the Feb. 10 story “Homeless Trust chairman pressures Miami Beach to embrace restaurant tax” Trust chairman Ron Book said: “I told you if we didn’t find a way to expand the tax, the [population] numbers in downtown and the numbers throughout the community were going to go in the wrong direction.”

Is blackmailing and threatening downtown residents and businesses the new tactic now? Is the Trust’s request for more funds even necessary when the it has more than $20 million in reserve that can easily pay for this indispensable daytime shelter care program at Camillus House?

Deprived of essential services, food, toilets, showers, the logical course of action is that natural functions, such as public defecation, will again become a downtown staple. Is that the brand image that Miami wants to give to the world?

Amal Solh Kabbani,


Downtown Neighbors Alliance, Miami