Letters to the Editor

Gables bridge

The Feb. 3 article in the Miami Herald “Small yet critical, rundown bridge to be replaced,” indicated the future bridge closing over the Coral Gables Waterway for complete replacement. Government experts seem to provide only two options for the more than two-year catastrophic disruption this will bring to the area. Either complete or partial closing of the bridge, the latter extending the time it will take for completion.

The bridge is the main link that feeds a host of arteries that connect major areas of the southeastern parts of Miami-Dade. There are no nearby alternative routes or viable detours. The bridge is easily traversed by thousands of cars daily and tens of thousands of cars weekly.

Are engineers thinking outside the box for solutions? A few come to mind.

▪ First, constructing a replacement bridge on either side, for which there appears to be adequate room, and when its operational, then removing the old structure;

▪ Prefabricating an identical bridge and exchanging the two structures. While this would cause a closing, it couldn’t be two years.

I’m neither an engineer nor expert, but surely a more viable replacement solution can be found without causing a major safety and traffic issue.

Arthur Cullen,