Letters to the Editor

Gimenez’s order

The Feb. 8 article, “Striking stats on migrant convicts,” is another reason Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s knee jerk reaction to Trump’s blackmail is not based on securing our community.

It states that from 2010 to 2014, 121 convicted migrants committed murder after their release. Let’s compare this to the death of children by gun violence.

During that same four-year period, 13,122 children were shot and killed, with 614 of these classified as unintentional (per the CDC). Just in Miami-Dade, between 2014-2017, 94 children were shot and killed.

Instead of focusing energy and resources on an issue which is dividing our community and our country, why don’t we all focus our energies on making February 2017 the last month that a child is killed senselessly in our community and our nation?

Maria-Elena Lopez,

Coral Gables