Letters to the Editor

Education solutions

The school system in the United States has been deteriorating for decades. During the same time, unions have been pursuing the interests of their teacher members, regardless of the impact on students — to the point that it is nearly impossible to terminate a bad teacher. The students are the victims. Ironically, inner-city families, the most glaring victims of failing schools, favor student vouchers.

The government has continued to throw money at the problem, which largely goes to waste.

In come good American leaders with sound ideas, William Bennett and Jeb Bush among them, offering school vouchers as a solution to the problem. Now add Betsy DeVos to that list.

But of course, teacher unions and their allies oppose vouchers, as they oppose anything affecting the well-being, pay and tenure of their dues-paying members, students be damned!

Once again, the Miami Herald is on the wrong, and losing, side of the issue.

Ray Anton, Coral Gables