Letters to the Editor

‘My Girl’ and Vietnam

For once, a Leonard Pitts column, Some songs have power to excite forever, which ran on Feb. 28, is right on.

I was drafted into the U.S. Army in the mid-’60s. After going through infantry training and advanced infantry training, we were holding orders in our hands to ship out to Vietnam “at any minute.”

We spent hours sitting in the PX, drinking 25-cent mugs of beer, listening to My Girl over and over again. Thank God, a battalion colonel found out I could type 70 words per minute and plucked me out of the Vietnam “shipping-out list” to be his battalion clerk until I got out.

Had I gone to Vietnam, I would have been an “LST” — Large Slow Target. I often think about the many friends who did not return from ’Nam while I went on to a successful career, five children, 10 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. God bless them all. I know that they’re up there still listening to My Girl.

Buddy Newman, Coral Gables