Letters to the Editor

First choice

As a former student of George Washington Carver Elementary, I was disappointed to read the Feb. 27 article Gables’ school-boundary plan advances. Carver was not my parents’ first choice.

My family moved to Miami from Brazil the summer before I started second grade, putting me at a serious disadvantage in the lottery. But in retrospect, we wouldn’t change a thing.

I wholeheartedly disagree with the notion that being assigned one’s second- or third-choice school is a death sentence. Several of the kids from my graduating class at Carver ended up at some of the nation’s top colleges.

It seems to me that much of the objection to the current system stems, not from the fact that some families live far from their assigned schools, but rather from the stigma associated with those schools that are located in — dare I say it — historically black neighborhoods.

The proposed system is a form of de facto segregation, and to say otherwise is to naively deny and further perpetuate the deep-seated racial divide that still exists in America 50 years after the Civil Rights Act.

Carolina Ribeiro, Miami